I have been worked on several projects in the last 5 years. And I also run a business to provide IT solutions to Small & Medium size companies in NSW Australia, more details can be found at Imaginationworks.
  • 2012 - Current Work hard to make some funny ideas happen.
  • July/2012 - April/2013 Cloudyanimal
Cloudyanimal was a project developed by one friend of mine & me in spare time and the development had stopped due to weak marketing demand.
  • 12/2010 - Current Adaptive Cloud Technologies 
Business Adaptation and Interoperation project Software System Research Group NICTA

This project was funded & supported by NICTA and then became a product of Yuruware which is a spin-out company of NICTA.

More Details can be retrieved from ACT OR
 Yuruware Monitor.
  • 9/2010 - 12/2010 Crowd L&T eLearning System
Supervisors: Professor Boualem Benatallah, Dr. Van Munin Chhieng
Responsibility: Core developer.

This project is a learning and teaching network system, similar concept as the social network system Facebook and the business network system Linkedlin. It provides teaching staff with a way to manage their teaching materials and communicate with the students more convenient, like view its content in mindmap rather than traditional directory view, and student can follow courses, lecturers, teaching materials, discussion threads and other students in the same way you follow each other on Twitter. 
  • 12 / 2009 – 8/2010 CoreDB API
Responsibility: Core developer.

This project is a Java library which:
  • A plug-in based, extensible database solution.
  • Performs powerful object relational Database mapping.
    • Easily build DB connection and generate DB object mapping.
    • No mapping configuration file needed and all mapping details store in memory.
    • No table Bean and DAO classes generated.
  • Supports CRUD operations on database data.
  • Supports CRUD operations on database schema (can programmatically create Database table modify Database table definition).
  • Tracing module supports CRUD operation on historical data.
  • Security module supports applying CRUD permissions on data.
  • Supports full text search.
  • Supports MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Derby.
  • Was implemented in Java.
  • More details can be retrieved from:  Presentation Slides
  • 7 / 2009 – 11 / 2009 Wayfarer: Trip Planner Based on Constraints Programming
Responsibility: Co-author.

This project explored the constraints-based programming paradigm as a way of modelling personal processes. Building a travel/trip planner to demonstrate how gradually applying constraints could help model highly flexible and configurable personal processes.
  1. Wayfarer offers travellers to make their trip plans freely, in the manner of saving time and money.
  2. Wayfarer offers travellers all the information related to travelling, like tour activities, flight, train, bus and hotel services.
  3. Wayfarer provides all available Wayfarer Events (could be tour activities, transports or accommodations) that selected based on the given constraints to travellers choose.
  4. Wayfarer offers different views to users to view their plans.
Resources: Report; Demo video; Demo Site(UserName: seanx@ymail.com, Password: 1234).
  • 7/2008 - 2/2009 Bizcard
Mapdata Interface International Ltd Australia
Responsibility: Core developer.

Bizcard is a comprehensive management system for Automobile dealers in Australia. 
  • 2007 Online Shopping System
Supervisor: Dr Jiafei Li
Responsibility: Author.
  1. Online Shopping System is a JSP based web application. It implements various functional modules of the front and the back system. Including the main functions of registration module, Login module, module inquiries, payment module, browsing module, recommendation module and purchase module.
  2. Resources: Source codeReport (Chinese).
  • 2006 Marking Fairness Solution
This report won the first prize of Mathematical Contest in Modeling of Jilin University 2006. The topic is that how to find a solution to ensure all markers marking candidates fairly. This report was written in Chinese by Huangtao Xiong, Xiaomin Wu and Yin Xie, and we all were undergraduate students of Jilin University China.